Kiln Formed ~ Warm Glass

(Warm Glass is also called Fused Glass or Slumped Glass)

Each Piece is a Unique Work of Art.

How it is done....

The glass is chosen and cut into the desired size.

Sometimes compatible glasses are combined into a design.

Then the glass undergoes one or more firings in a kiln to create it's final shape.

Each firing takes twelve hours or more.

At the end of this process, you have the beautiful pieces of glass you see here.

How a kiln load looks before firing.
"Pottery has to feel the heat,glass has to see the heat."
Glass is always fired in a single layer.
This is another piece of glass art at 1470 degrees.
The kiln needs to be vented for 10 seconds, just after the high point of the firing.
This is the vase created from the glass in the kiln at left.
The flat panel resulting from that first, full fuse firing is shaped on a mold in a second firing.